Safe and Successful matrimonial chat with future partner on matrimonial sites

Keeping your identity and personal information safe and secure on matrimonial sites is crucial but challenging in today’s technological world. To understand how you can be assured about your future partner and happy marriage life, you must understand what type of person you are and also understand type of person your potential partner is i.e. are you an extrovert person who have large number of friends and social contacts, love and enjoy sharing your thoughts with others, always ready to listen to other person view point, are highly optimistic and take risk, than for you right partner must have to some extent the similar traits. Any mismatch of personality traits will lead to conflicts on trivial issues which arise due to personality mismatch.  

The big question is how to know about future partner personality? To understand and know about future partner, given here is a guide for your first chat with partner:

  1. Initiate your first chat in lighter mood with objective get familiar with each other by telling your interest, hobbies, what you like most, about your city/birth place  and only then ask other person about her/his interest and hobbies. This introduction will not only bring you two on a common discussion platform, above all will give you an insight into other person being introvert or extrovert. Remember not to ask personal information/question at this introductory stage.
  2. Restrict your conversation to common and general topics in this first chat.
  3. Keep your conversation short, avoid very long duration discussion at this stage. Your long duration conversation will make other person perceive you negatively with no work.
  4. Your saying Hello every time on seeing other person on-line also reflects negative dimension of your personality.
  5. Interchange of personal information is done in second conversation, as by this time both will be familiar with each other background and psychologically on empathic level with common understanding.
  6. During second and third conversation and also in future conversations at times give chance to other person for starting the chat and express her/his thoughts and opinion. This will help you to understand other person behavioural reflection and emotional stability. It will help other person to understand you as well.
  7. Being familiar with each other and you being able to get a bird’s eye view of other person personality, you are now ready to share with each other personal details, however, ensure that shared details do not lead to discussion and arguments that are irrelevant and avoidable.    
  8. After above familiarity and certain level of mutual trust between you and also between parents of both, you are ready for sharing your contact numbers.
  9. You are now ready for calling/arranging/inviting a meeting of you both and your parents, for face-to-face interaction and deeper understanding of each other personality. portal gives profiles of Indian grooms and brides looking for wedding. Find your perfect life partner of matchmakings.


  30th July, 2019